How To Sublimate On Wood 2022

You’ll be amazed to learn that sublimation isn’t just for T-shirts and garments anymore. Can I sublimate on wood, for example, is a common question. Wood is, without a doubt, the most frequently employed decoration resource used in recent times. You can have an excellent chance to engage with the sublimation on wood. Do you want to learn how? Below is a step-by-step guide on how to sublimate wood. Let’s jump right into it:

Learning how to sublimate on wood needs a selection of perfect blank textures.  Sublimation on wood needs proper design and texture of wooden blank.

Polycrylic to Sublimate on Wood
Polycrylic to Sublimate on Wood

Here we go to the step-by-step process.

What materials do you need for sublimating on wood:

The required printing process is the primary difference between sublimating a piece of wood and sublimation of paper. However, several components are required for getting the highest-quality printing on wood. Let’s take a closer look.

Sublimation printer: A wooden piece puts on a varied texture on the resultant prints. Consequently, the sublimation printer should adjust the final prints on the wooden pieces. Likewise, be aware of the print size capabilities of the printer. As you can need larger size printing on occasion.

Sublimation paper and Ink: You’ll need a particular variety of sublimation paper and ink for sublimation on wood. Ensure that the sublimation ink is suitable for the surface of the wooden block. Only then you’ll achieve a bright final print.

Type of wood: Obtain a wood block with a texture that works appropriately with sublimation ink. Additionally, be cautious of the coating subjected to the wooden piece. Since this will assist in adhering the ink to the wood.

Heat press machine: Heat press machines are built particularly for demanding sublimation. Sublimation on Wood With Polycrylic projects is essential for sublimation on wood. Go for a heat press that has a broad array of heat settings. Also, a broad range of pressure settings is crucial.

How To Make Sublimation Coating:

Sublimation coating is important before learning the sublimation on wood. Sublimation on wooden blanks works best if the coating that will be placed on the wood is specified ahead of time. The two best coating processes for the wood are:

  • Sublimation on Wood With Polycrylic
  • Sublimation on Wood With Laminating Sheets

Sublimation Process on Wood With Polycrylic material:

The polyacrylic sublimation coating indicates the white transparent coating or paints layered on the wood. This coating bonds to the wood and preserves the sublimation design. Polycrylic can be acquired in any online marketplace. When applying the coating, make sure it is well blended. Paint a beautiful smooth coat of paint to the wood with a regular brush. Allow it to dry thoroughly before applying it two more times for thorough coverage. You’ll get a good surface wood within 30-45 minutes.

Limation Process on Wood With Polycrylic material

Sublimation Process on Wood With Laminating Sheets:

Firstly, you need laminating paper. Ensure that the size of the laminating paper is similar to that of wood. Set the laminating paper with wood in the center of a heat press machine. Wrap the entire space with butcher paper. Adjust your heat press to 365 ℉ and push for about 90 seconds. When removing the laminated wooden piece from the heat-press, use heat-resistant clothing. Allow it to cool for a few minutes before pressing your image to it.

Sublimation Process on Wood With Laminating Sheets

How do you sublimate on wood?

To effectively implement the wood sublimation process, the layout and surface of the wooden blank have to be ideal. To make your own wooden printing, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: First of all, get the right size of texture wood for the sublimation process. Then, pick vivid and suitable designs for wood sublimation.

Step 2: Print your chosen designs on the sublimation paper with sublimation ink. Ensure the prints come out with the finest resolution and accuracy.

Step 3: Allow the printed design to sit on the wood. Afterward, place them on the heat press. Turn the heat press on allowing it to imprint the design on the wood’s coating.

Step 4: When you’ve finished with the heat press, detach the wooden block. After it cools down, discard the sublimation paper with caution. Your design will be permanently sublimated on the wooden block.

Top 5 sites to buy sublimation wood:

You can find the best wooden blanks by exploring these websites:

1. Amazon:

Amazon is a wide-ranging store with all essential requirements. Amazon has anything you need, including sublimation printers and supplies.

2. Etsy:

This webpage provides vintage feel items. Etsy is a must-see for those who enjoy vintage merchandise or vintage woodblock prints.

3. HeatPressNation:

This site is the best one-stop site for affordable sublimation accessories. You can get a wide range of wholesale sublimation items.

4. Bestsub:

Bestsub is an e-commerce store where you can find sublimation accessories of all types. This store promotes high-quality goods. Also, its large distribution platform never unsatisfied anyone with the delivery process.

5. Sublimet:

Sublimet is a website that allows you to choose a number of different vinyl items and sublimation printers. Also, you may get the best wooden blank on the sublimet.

Few Things To Be Consider Before Sublimating A Wood:

The process of sublimation on wood is the same as that of regular sublimation. But, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Choosing the correct wooden blank: The wood type chosen has a significant impact on sublimation quality. Natural wood can have visible grains when you sublimate. Smooth and if you want different outcomes, use a blank with a smooth, uniform surface. The blank you select has to be sublimation ink suitable.
  • Choosing the correct sublimation printer: Wood sublimation requires a high temperature. So you must have a printer that can handle sublimation paper. Sawgrass printers are best suggested for sublimation on wood.
  • Choosing the correct sublimation paper: Sublimation papers are primarily made for printing graphics and patterns for printing. Your dye-sublimation printer may be harmed if you use traditional printer paper owing to leakage. You cannot use any printer for sublimation so be careful.
  • Choosing the correct Heat Press Machine: A heat press machine initially developed for intense sublimation works like on wood. Get a heat press machine that offers a broad range of temperature and pressure settings.

Frequently ask questions:

Can we sublimate wood?

Ans: Yes, wood with polymer coating is prone to sublimate easily.

Can we sublimate on different surfaces?

Ans: The dye-sublimation can be done on numerous surfaces. This includes polyester, plastic, ceramic, and more. For wood sublimation, you require polymer and plastic coating.

How long does it take to sublimate a piece of wood?

Ans: To achieve a precise sublimation print, heat press on wood using moderate pressure for around 10 minutes at 360 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the use of parchment paper for sublimation on wood?

Ans: The parchment paper is used to prevent the wear and tear of the coating layer on the wood.

Is it possible to sublimate on laminate?

Ans: Yes, the sublimation process is attainable on laminated things. Lamination films are produced by going through two sublimation processes. Consequently, you may laminate on materials made mainly of polyester film.


Finally, you can understand that sublimation on wood is becoming a trend around individuals. For designing personal homes with wood sublimation you require a wood blank and a good printer, But I recommend the Epson sublimation printer. As a rough guide get a light wood for light designs. Whereas, for dark designs, a dark wood blank is the best. Moreover, introducing how do sublimate on wood will give all of the ongoing projects a classy touch. And for following the latest trends, you can do sublimation on wood within your budget range.