How To Sublimate On Canvas 2022

You must have heard people expressing themselves through innovative designs on canvas. But, have you thought of how to sublimate on canvas? Sublimation printing, and other techniques relevant to sublimation printing, may appear to be a hard and specialized process. But, in truth, it’s a really basic and uncomplicated technique!

Sublimation printing is an ideal way for displaying complex designs and images on a variety of surfaces, which includes Canvas too! You may print a wonderful photo to beautify your home by applying the right sublimation canvas and materials.

Learning how to sublimate on canvas material is not difficult and you just need proper materials with the printer for the task of sublimation.

Sublimate on a Canvas Board with Lamination Film
Sublimate on a Canvas Board with Lamination Film

So, if you’re keen to know further about how to sublimate on Canvas, the gear you’ll require, and the best procedures to use.

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What is the sublimation process:

The sublimation process is a technique that is more distinctive than regular printing. In regular printers, the ink is usually transmitted on paper or cloth for coloring. However, in the sublimation process, the ink diffuses into the substrate. it effectively merges the two into one good.

The usual process of sublimation requires the usage of sublimation ink. It works in order to transfer the desired artwork on sublimation paper. This is then placed on the sublimation canvas or any other substrate. Afterward, both of these are heated conveniently.

Materials to get for Sublimation on Canvas:

Are you looking forward to performing sublimation on canvas? Then we’ll discuss the materials you’ll require. This method will demand the use of the materials listed below:

Sublimation printer:

You’ll enjoy the process of sublimation on canvas if you own the best sublimation printer. Due to the obvious innovativeness of the technique, sublimation printers can be highly pricey. However, as the need for this procedure grows there are few sublimation printers that can be availed at a low cost. You can use any inkjet printer such as  Sawgrass, Epson, or any other several well sublimation printer brands.

Sublimation paper:

Perhaps you can use any ordinary paper for sublimation on canvas. But, if you ask me, I wouldn’t suggest you go for regular printing paper, Always use sublimation paper for the best result. Why? Unfortunately, the concern is that the outputs will be poor. Sublimation ink does not comply well with normal paper.

One of the main things to note is that the greater the ink capacity, the stiffer the paper must be to absorb the ink’s dampness.

Sublimation ink:

The dye used in sublimation printing is the key factor in determining the true meaning of the best sublimation ink. The greater the temperature the easier it is to permit the ink to continue the sublimation on canvas without shattering or spreading. Since it’s then a significant component of the printing that will not disappear over the duration.

Sublimation ink varies from typical ink in a way that it will not stain the substrate. Also, sublimation ink is long-standing than typical inks.

Canvas Blanks:

Polyester and other textile polymers are commonly used for sublimation printing, whereas cotton isn’t really recommended. Polyester is the best and most appropriate medium for imprinting your graphic. It offers you the highest-quality appearance. Blanks made entirely of cotton are not encouraged. Since your artwork will not last and will be wiped away on cotton canvas.

Designing software and Gadget:

If you don’t want to use an online design, you’ll require software. This software permits you to design your personalize sublimation pattern.

A raster image processor is an application that makes it possible to create sublimation designs for Canvas. This software application is not included in the program and must be availed individually.

Cutting device:

You must have a cutting device for cutting your substrate into a preferred design and shape. When I say cutting device I mean anything including a blade or a razor that is required during the sublimation process. For instance, while making cloth things such as Shirts, pillows, so on and so forth.

Heat press machine:

A heat press machine is primarily used to transmit designs from sublimation paper to a surface. This method will produce a high-quality image that doesn’t disappear. There are several Heat press machines that are used for a range of items, along with:

  • Calendar Heat press
  • Mini Heat press
  • 3-D Vacuum Heat press
  • Flattened Heat press

How to sublimate on Canvas:

Since you have gathered all the essential things for sublimation on Canvas, Let’s discuss the process of sublimation. As I previously explained, sublimation is the way of transforming from the solid phase to the gaseous phase skipping the liquid phase.

So what is the process of sublimation? How to sublimate on Canvas? It includes the steps listed beneath:

  • Choose your design and print it: First and foremost, choose or create the pattern you wish. Then edit it as necessary. After you’ve picked your pattern you’ll need a sublimation printer to transmit your graphic onto sublimation paper.
  • Heat press and assembling the Canvas: Heat press enables transferring of your graphics onto the desired material. Set the picture you produced on sublimation paper on top of the canvas Try to keep both as centered as feasible. This can even be done with tape.
  • Your Canvas is ready: After heat-press, peel the sublimation paper & allow the canvas to dry. Also, take proper care as it would be very hot to touch at this moment. That’s all there is to it! When the canvas is dried, place it in a framework, or admire it in any form you choose.
How to sublimate on canvas

Places to look at Canvas Sublimation Blanks:

You’ll need great paper and a high-temperature setting to keep the pattern vivid and not wash away. Similarly, for choosing Canvas blanks for sublimation, there are a variety of sites to look for. A few of these websites are:


Amazon requires no promotion. We can use Amazon from anywhere we are. You can acquire high-quality items like sublimation printers, ink, mugs, blanks, etc. The advantage of acquiring from Amazon is that it gives a trusted payment procedure. Also, you get a no-questions-asked full refund.


Etsy is an online retailer. When we talk regarding sublimation, it has virtually nothing to do with it. When it comes to blanks, Etsy has over 16,000 items, with a standard value of $9.34 for each blank.

Heat Press Nation:

Heat Press Nation is the greatest store for choosing your sublimation items. They deliver the best stuff at cheap pricing. Upon each payment phase, this site ensures your complete confidentiality and protection.


Sublime is a business located in Barcelona. It sells sublimation blanks, glasses, ink cartridges, and a variety of many other items.

Points to remember for perfect sublimation:

  • Choose a computer with RIP programmed. This will get you accurate dimensions and templates for sublimation.
  • Get fine quality dye and higher temperature settings. So, your designs remain durable.
  • Remember to go for sublimation paper rather than normal paper.
  • Adhere your paper to the object firmly.
  • Follow the mentioned instructions for avoiding any mistakes.
  • Fit your design properly to the material you want to print on.
  • Learn to comprehend your customer’s expectations, prerequisites, and other necessities.

Frequently asked questions:

What items are suitable for sublimation?

Ans: Sublimation printing uses a variety of media, including bottles, pottery, precise polymers, synthetic fabric, and wood.

What are the resources required to initiate a sublimation business?

Ans: For the sublimation business you will require a sublimation paper, heat press machine, sublimation printer, and device to create your designs.

When it comes to sublimation, what kind of canvas is recommended?

Ans: Sublimation is usually done on polyester canvas.

Why can’t I sublimate dark-colored fabrics?

Ans: You can not sublimate dark-colored fabrics as white sublimation ink isn’t attainable.


To summarise, sublimation print on canvas is a fantastic method to develop long-lasting graphics for your household or creative space. We have discussed how to sublimate on Canvas using sublimation paper, a heat press machine, and sublimation ink. These basic materials are usually essential for sublimation on any substrate. It is more costly than other methods, but the graphics it generates are more durable and bright.

So you’re either seeking valuable advice or you’re thinking about making a sublimation startup. In any case, you may find this knowledge informative.