How To Do Sublimation With Cricut 2022

When I first began sublimation I absolutely liked being able to use sublimation with Cricut. Sublimation with Cricut changes the viewpoint of DIY-ing by the combination of Cricut’s skills and sublimation printer. As they are inexpensive, portable, and simple to use! Not once cutting a range of items using such accuracy has been so simple.

I understand you’re wondering about how to do Sublimation with Cricut, right? Well, the answer is simple. When you sublimate your favorite artwork, cutting out the edges and shapes manually can be difficult. Cutting letters or elaborated shapes from your fully prepared sublimation transfer might be hard, though not unthinkable. As this is when a Cricut machine becomes handy!

Sublimation With Cricut Design Space
Sublimation With Cricut Design Space

Not convinced enough? I put forward this article in order to make you understand how to do sublimation with Cricut better! So, without more delay let’s jump right into it:

What Is Sublimation With Cricut?

Sublimation refers to the method in which the solid form of any object is instantly transferred into a vapor form. Precisely to the point, you allow heating up the design you want to sublimate. Then you press your design onto the cloth or any substrate. During this process, these designs transfer instantly from solid to vapor state. The heat causes the substance to sublimate, allowing the design to be transferred from the sublimation paper to the cloth. These can come as a result of Cricut Infusible Ink pages or patterns generated at the house on a sublimation printer by personal makers.

Dye sublimation makes it easy to create innovative graphics on nearly any cloth you can think about. Nonetheless, I would suggest sublimating on polyester; however, you can sublimate using cotton fabrics as well. Although this will require modifying the heat transfer criteria on your machine.

Sublimation with Cricut can be done by using their own dye sublimation gadgets. This includes the heat press machines and the Cricut cutter. Cricut’s Infusible Ink range of materials are dye-sublimation alternatives.

Positive and negative of performing sublimation with Cricut:

It is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of sublimation with Cricut. I would suggest you not directly jump in and begin doing Cricut sublimation for creating your innovative designs. As this can result in disadvantages for you and your projects.

Advantages of sublimation with Cricut:

On the bright side, there are perks like:

  1. You get far more sturdy and durable designs. Since these are really absorbed into the substrate you are going to sublimate on.
  2. Unlike vinyl, your designs will not break, tear, or crinkle.
  3. The final outcome is very competent, with the object looking as it was made professionally.
  4. The sublimation allows the fabric to easily expand without tearing the design. So, it always gives off a new and original look.
  5. Infusible ink and Dye-sublimation aid in simply clearing the dismissive area of your design, particularly when sublimating with Cricut machines.

However, it’s not as though these types of undertakings come without flaws.

Disadvantages of sublimation with Cricut:

You must know about the following cons:

  1. Dye sublimation requires a high level of heat for sublimating your design successfully. Consequently, you can not sublimate on desired materials however you want to.
  2. Infusible ink materials are just intended to be used with Cricut gear.
  3. The layout you want to sublimate is directly related to the size of the heat press you use.
  4. Typical dye-sublimation printers usually come with a pricey rate
  5. You have to heat transfer at once. If things don’t go smoothly, you’ll need to discard the paper and restart over.

The benefits of implementing sublimation with Cricut, on the other hand, considerably surpass the negatives. There’s a justification that thousands are creating all sorts of fascinating graphics and crafts at home/office at the moment, using Cricut hardware!

What Do I Need to Do Sublimination Printing with a Cricut?

One of the best parts of sublimation printing that I love is how adaptable they are! Indeed, sublimation with Cricut is feasible for every home crafter. Even if you are not priorly experienced with DIY-ing, you can still easily sublimate! But, before you go for sublimation with Cricut, there are several pieces of stuff you’ll need. These include the following:

How Long Will Cricut Sublimination Last?

Most of the time you hear about sublimation is due to its durability. In comparison to other printing methods, such as heat transfer vinyl, sublimation is a long-standing process.

Sublimation provides the exception of typical heat transfers. It is highly relevant if you clean your created textiles frequently you may see some peeling off of your prints. However, you won’t be complaining about having graphics diminishing away, detaching, or being distorted with the period of time in Sublimation prints.

Sublimation printing allows the merging of the ink with the material you are sublimating on. The heat-pressing of your artworks aids in transmitting your design on the fabrics or any other material. The dyes and color will naturally adhere directly to the substance’s fibers, ultimately transforming them.

To tell you the truth, the graphics can dissipate slightly with time. But, that’s the case only if you wash your cloth daily basis. Or maybe if you work under the sun for a longer time period.  Don’t worry, sublimation doesn’t fade away this easily. It will take several years. Also, there are many techniques to minimize and delay the dampening process.

As a consequence of Cricut hardware, you can easily cut your designs accurately, transmitting them with ease. This in turn allows the design to stay in its printed position over a longer time duration.

Frequently ask questions:

Can you print using the Cricut machines?

Ans: No, the Cricut machines and Cricut cutters are generally designed to cut the designs in desired shape and form. You can only cut the sublimated sheets using Cricut.

Is there any limit to note while using the Cricut machine?

Ans: Yes, the Cricut machines limit the size of the paper you can cut. You can not cut large substances with small Cricut machines. Likewise, the Cricut heat press also restricts the substrate size. Hence, you end up cutting most of the large size sheets by using scissors or blades.

Is there any software to avail Cricut prints from?

Ans: Design Space is an application that is compatible with several Cricut machines.  The Design space Cricut Library has loads of pictures, readily available designs, and styles. Alternatively, you can start from zero and create your personal idea.


So, to conclude, we read a demonstrated article on how to sublimate with Cricut. As the matter of fact, there are numerous ways for performing the best sublimation and then using the Cricut machine. These also machines implied that you got the flexibility in determining how to sublimate with Cricut while remaining under budget. The sublimation process not only fulfills but also excels aspirations in practically possible aspects. It’s always beneficial to use Cricut machines rather than handling the scissors for cutting out the shapes. Hopefully, you’ll understand the sublimation process with Cricut a bit more by this article. If you still are stuck somewhere, do let’s us know!