Can You Use Any Printer for Sublimation 2022 Convert (Hp, Epson, Brother, Canon)

We understand how difficult it gets after you see the Specifications of your printer stating that it performs heat transfer or maybe it features sublimation technology. But various enthusiasts interpret these phrases differently. Many people are converting their printers to the best sublimation printers. They wish to make use of the advantages of sublimation ink. It’s understandable since the usage of sublimation ink appears to be gaining favor. But, if I may inquire, what makes this sublimation ink so distinctive?

In the case of sublimation ink, it transforms into a gaseous form from a solid, whereas dye ink captures the ink for coating the print on paper or any material. We confirmed that sublimation ink is usable in a conventional printer. But, it’s a risky shot to use sublimation paper, and it’s probably not a good idea.

Does Sublimation Paper Work With All Printers?

During the sublimation business, I had been coming across many printers and I wanted to know whether every printer can sublimate or not.

To understand simply, it is the sublimation paper that holds the print in sublimation printing and it works both with the printer and ink. In regular printers, the printing is dependent on the ink but not on the paper. So in sublimation, the main thing is the sublimation paper or the substrate you are printing on. 

Let’s get the facts straight on which printers can and can’t work with the sublimation process.

Does Sublimation Paper Work With All Printers?
Does Sublimation Paper Work With All Printers?

What printers can be converted to sublimation?

You may convert your regular printer into a sublimation printer only if it functions with CISS in the system and Piezo technology. You have to switch the top of the printer in order to make it workable with sublimation paper. The following are some basic categories of printers for those who might be interested in using sublimation.

Can Any Printer Do Sublimation

How to Convert HP Printer to Sublimation Printer?

The thermal heat technique is substantially implemented by HP printers to distribute ink on the printing paper. The HP printers being used at offices or homes, can not convert into sublimation printers. On using sublimation ink with the normal HP inkjet printer, in practically every case, the ink may either scorch out or leak through the cartridges in a gaseous form.

How to convert Hp Printer to sublimation printer?
How to convert Hp Printer to a sublimation printer?

But, HP does have some printer range that can perform sublimation printing promptly on various clothing materials or simply on sublimation paper. This printer series is specifically designed as massive and for industrial use only.

Moreover, these commercial HP sublimation printers are costly around $7,000, and come without initial ink cartridges.  

Conclusion: Hp Printer Cannot Covert or Use for Sublimation Printer.

Can You Convert Brother Printer To Sublimation?

The majority of Brother Printers are equipped with Piezo printing so they can be used for the sublimation process in many cases. However, the issue that arises with Brother Printers is the unavailability of the ink. But you can buy it from Ali express.

As a result of not setting up an ink profile, print quality drops significantly. When it comes to sublimation, you want your final goods to be bright and vibrant. 

Brother printers aren’t ideal for anyone who is a DIYer or hobbyist. . Unfortunately, you may quickly become upset by the false colors and fuzziness of the artwork.

Conclusion: Brother can use for sublimation and Ink you can check on Ali Express Store.

Sublimation With Brother Printers

Can I Use Canon Printer For Sublimation

When we talk about canons, these printers are not compatible with sublimation printing, and neither they are convertible. Canon printers print with the thermal ink technique for printing which is unsuitable for printing with sublimation ink. Canon selphy printer uses thermal dye sublimation printing but they are not well suited for sublimation. Instead, they use the designed heating technology and sublimation ink to sublimate your photos on transparency films.

I ask the Same Question to Canon.

Is there any canon printer that we can use for sublimation?

Ans: Our SELPHY series of portable photo printers use dye sublimation. Look at the picture.

Is there any canon printer that we can use for sublimation?

Can All Epson Printers Be Used for Sublimation 2022?

Epson printers use Piezo printing technology which is why many people use Epson printers to sublimate their prints. Epson also has a wide range of sublimation printers which provide fantastic quality, sublimation-specific guarantee, and also come with sublimation ink.

Can All Epson Printers Be Used for Sublimation

Although Epson doesn’t quite advertise these standard office printers as primarily sublimation printers, they still can function for sublimation only when you utilize sublimation ink provided by Epson. But keep in mind that there are few exceptions with Epson F-570, F-150, and F10070H, as these printers can only utilize normal ink. For using sublimation with them you’ll be required to purchase dye ink.

When utilizing an Epson printer for sublimation, the majority of customers looking for cheap sublimation printers or choose one of the models listed below.

WF3520, WF3620, ET2720, WF3640, ET15000, WF7110, WF7520, ET2750, WF7510, ET 16500, WF7620, ET 16000, WF7710, ET2650, WF7720, ET4700 and many other.

Do You Need A Special Printer For Sublimation?

Yes, Epson, Sawgrass, or any printer that is compatible with sublimation ink and sublimation paper can work for the purpose of sublimation. Although a print head is required for a printer to fulfill its duties. This is a printer’s most important component. Apart from that, heating technology places a major part in sublimation as well. The following two technologies will shine a bright light on the subject of sublimation ink.  

·         Piezo printing technology: Piezo printing technology usually does not depend on the vaporization of ink by heating. Rather, it applies pressure so the ink is placed onto the paper. Piezo printing is widely used in commercial printers. The prints produced with this technology are non-fad-able and last for a long time.

·         Thermal head printers: Thermal head printers are widely available everywhere. HP and Canon printers are outstanding examples of thermal printers. They are mostly utilized by enterprises that require receipt printing. Thermal printers do not work with ink for printing. Rather, it is their thermal heads that produce heat. Also, these printers are only compatible with black dye. As a result, the printouts they generally create are of poor quality. That is why these printers are often used for sublimation by industries and commercial businessmen.

What Kind Of Printer Do You Need For Sublimation?

Mainly, it is critical to know if your printer is capable of using the sublimation printing method. These few printers may work well with sublimation paper:

Sublimation printer:

Not every printer is designed specifically for sublimation printing. These printers are made for sublimation printing so only sold and purchased for this reason. Sublimation will always work with these.

Inkjet printers:

Inkjet printers are compatible with sublimation and work fine with sublimation ink. Most low-cost Inkjet printers lack this feature; however higher-end models such as the Epson Artisan 1430 Inkjet printer can perform sublimation.

Workforce printers:

Epson Workforce printers can also help in sublimation printing.

What is the Compatibility of a printer with sublimation paper and ink?

Sublimation paper is not compatible with all printers because of its making and structural characteristics. During sublimation, the paper is responsible for the success of the process to retain the ink and keep the prints in place. Sublimation ink prints on sublimation paper by first converting into gas, then making permanent graphic impressions on the substrate.

The main issue with many printers is that they don’t have sublimation-compatible ink cartridges or printer cores. Consequently, not all printers are capable of dealing with it.

Steps to convert your regular printer to a sublimation one: 

  • Thorough cleaning: Firstly, it is important that your sublimation ink doesn’t merge with the normal ink present in your printer. So, you must decontaminate the ink cartridge. You may use the cleansers for this purpose. before, sublimating your main surface test and analyzing as it is necessary to verify that all of the ink has been removed.
  • Interchanging of Ink: Before inserting the sublimation ink check if you have left any other ink in your printer. Repeated cleaning of the printer can confirm any ink presence. Secondly, you should go into the specifications to see if your ink is water-based or solvent-based. The explanation for this is that multiple print-heads demand different ink sources.
  • Factory reset: As we’re converting our printer to a sublimation printer, it is noticeable that you may require many technological parameters. We’ll also need other specifications because we’ll be employing sublimation ink. For high-quality printing, the ink consumption may differ in every case. We certainly can’t make specific assumptions but after the experience, you may get habitual of taking accurate ink.
  • International Color Consortium (ICC): ICC printing helps in getting the desirable graphic on your surface. If your printer allows ICC setting you must turn into it before sublimating.
  • Take out the print: The final step is to print your work. You ought to get high-quality prints if you executed the proper procedures.
How to convert old printer to sublimation printer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a refurbished and upgraded Epson printer capable of converting for sublimation?

Yes, you can convert your renovated Epson printer into a sublimation printer following the guidelines provided.

Can any inkjet printer be converted to sublimation?

Only tank-based printers are converted into sublimation printers.

Will I damage my printer by using sublimation paper on a non-compatible printer?

Normally, your printer won’t break down immediately, but it wouldn’t print anything permanent on the surface either. Also, you may waste your ink trying to use this.


All in all, there are still various printers that do not support sublimation printing. To have the possibility of working they must contain compatible technology such as Piezo Print technology. So, if you want to print with sublimation ink, make certain that you acquire a printer that can handle the sublimation compatible technology. Furthermore, these printers do not include ink used for sublimation as usually printers give pigmented ink. But those aren’t ideal for sublimation prints.

So, while you’re looking for a Piezo sublimation printer, don’t forget to inquire about ink.

  • Brother printers: These printers feature Piezo technology, but it hasn’t caught on with ink companies, therefore there aren’t any printable settings.
  • Epson printers:  Epson printers are chosen by sublimation workers.
  • HP and Canon printers: As canon and HP printers are not using Piezo print technology, they may not come in handy.