Can You Sublimate On A Glass 2022

Individuals are becoming more fascinated with sublimation printing as time goes by. This allows us to create personalized stuff in a matter of minutes. In recent times glasses are being used for decorations. This is without a doubt one of the most attractive and charming design processes.

A common question that everyone asks is: Can we sublimate on glass?

Yes! You can sublimate on glass and examples are the decorative photo frames, abstract photos, and lamps in real life.

How to Do Sublimation on Glass?

We all can observe the magnificence these design accessories contribute to every home. And, with that, we’re quite confident you’ve thought about mastering the craft of sublimation on the glass to start a small business.

How to do sublimation on glass

In light of this fact, we’ll cover the necessary factors in this article. These will assist you before starting a business for dye sublimation on a glass. You may also go for sublimating photographic glass frames and handmade glass pictures for decors. Let’s get started: Can you sublimate on a glass.

Materials Necessary For Sublimation On Glass

Sublimating on glass is a complex task. Keeping an eye on each step you take during sublimation is crucial. Otherwise, sublimation would end up with poor efficiency or shattered glass. Let’s check at the supplies you’ll require to sublimate on glass.

1. Printer for sublimation:

This is the first step in the sublimation process. Choose the best sublimation printer that allows printing on the regular forward side and backside. Further, ensure the sublimation printer achieves high-quality prints as well.

2. Compatibility of sublimation ink and paper:

Fine quality sublimation ink and paper are essential for sublimating on glass. For achieving great results both the sublimation paper and color you’re working on should be compatible with one another. For ensuring adequate consistency and performance, it is suggested to use the same compatible ink given.

3. Choosing the right glass Blank:

When getting glass blanks, ensure you receive tempered glass that is free of defects and discoloration. To achieve optimum reflecting quality, use a white crystalline backing.

4. Heat press machine for Glass:

When compared to sublimating on another substance, sublimation on glass is unique. You’ll have to get a heat press designed specifically for sublimation on glass. However, you may utilize any heat press with care.

Easy Process Of Sublimation On Glass

Performing sublimation on the glass is not easy. As it is a breakable substance that requires extreme care when sublimating. The following are the actions you must perform to achieve flawless glass sublimation:

Step 1:

Make a print on sublimation paper using the custom design. Since sublimation occurs on the underside of the glass instead of the top, make sure the sublimation printer is printing in the correct image orientation and not backward.

Step 2:

When you are done printing, tape the sublimated paper on the glass blank with care. Then, set the printed sheet on the Teflon sheet present in the heat press in order to prevent any damage to the design.

Step 3:

Once the glass plate has been successfully set, set another thin Teflon sheet on top of the configuration on it. After that heat press the Teflon sheet for about 3 1/2 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4:

Start removing the Teflon sheet top after you are done with the heat press. Allow it to cool until the room temperature is reached. 

Step 5:

Remove the sublimation paper once it is cooled down. You’ll have a stunning recreation of your design sublimated on the glass after you’ve peeled the paper.

How to sublimate on glass

Recommended Top 5 Places To Get Blank Glass From.

For perfect sublimation on Glass, it is important to obtain the right well. You can obtain the finest glass blanks for sublimation by visiting these websites.


HeatPressNation is a portal that offers a unitary destination for sublimation items. This webpage will give you the best deal on whatever products you want. You don’t have to be concerned about the state since HeatPressNation’s highest focus is durability and speedy delivery.


Individuals who trust the customer reviews before choosing the item should visit the Amazon website. Amazon is the largest global platform.  This website delivers things straight to the consumer. For that reason, you should check Amazon prior to making any investment.


eBay is another best website to get incredible bargains on things. However, several platforms are already more influential and widespread than eBay. But, users can still discover countless low, and high-class goods online.


Etsy is a portal where you can invest in highly sublimated stuff. This e-commerce business focuses on antique objects. Thus it is ideal for those seeking to increase vintage decor in their household. Etsy is the place to go if you want high-quality, beautifully crafted glass and blanks.

Coastal business:

When thinking about getting a glass blank online, the first concern is the delivery time. This worry is what the Coastal website makes simple for you. This is a wonderful site to buy sublimation glass blanks through the world wide web. Furthermore, this website includes self-pick options for clients who prefer picking the goods themselves.

Tips For Having The Best Sublimation Results On Glass Blanks:

knowing how to maintain the design’s stability during the sublimation process is important. By following the given instructions you’ll surely get the best design.

  • The fragility of glass is the major concern when sublimating on glass. Teflon sheets should be used at the front and backside of the glass blank. This is for making sure that the sublimated design is published on the glass without shattering it.
  • Also, figuring out the settings that are best for getting the sublimation on glass. The higher temperature and heat either can shatter or destroy the glass.  Whereas, the lower temperatures can destroy the design. So, you must achieve the settings that are optimum for sublimation work.
  • Finally, choosing the tempered glass that comes white opaque reflecting surface is suitable. This helps in getting a more vivid appearance.

Frequently ask questions:

Can I sublimate on any glass?

Ans: If you’ve raised this query a few years ago, you could have received a negative response, but currently you can do sublimation on nearly any type of glass.

Can you sublimate on glass cups?

Ans: Yes, you can sublimate on glass cups when it is properly cared for. Polymeric sprays are used in different materials to provide a smooth surface which is essential for dye-sublimation print.

Can you do sublimation on glass at home?

Ans: Someone with a tidy and somewhat wide work area can easily carry out sublimation of glass at home. However, the first and only factor to bear in mind whenever handling the glass is to follow all safety precautions. The sublimation of glass can be both chaotic and hazardous in instances. Therefore, be careful while printing sublimation at home.

Can you sublimate on a mirror?

Ans: The sublimation technique precisely needs to mirror the artwork before heat-pressing it. This ensures that the final product is identical to the style you choose.


Sublimation on glass is quite a difficult task, but it is attractive and boosts the interior. You can use sublimation on the glass to print your best memories directly on the glass framework. Despite sublimation printing having been here for a long time, it has recently received popularity. Sublimation on glass allows you to create great artwork. This, in fact, will assist you in opening up to your home and loved ones.

Also, the designing process helps you with the good attitude you want to get through the day. Therefore, try the best glass sublimation printers and other necessary resources at home. You can even turn your enthusiasm and passion into your first business idea. Initiate by following the method described above to finish this challenging but elegant activity. You’ll love sublimating and creating one-of-a-kind engraved glass.