Best Sublimation Paper 2022 Mugs, T-Shirts

The best sublimation papers can be so hard to choose because there are a lot of options available. It’s quite a challenging job to establish a list like this since there are so many types of sublimation papers out there on the market today. But we have made it because every customer deserves the best quality.

Crystal – the owner of an online store that features all kinds of best sublimation paper. And when it comes to sublimation paper, he has used quite a lot of them by now. We have gathered the 13 best ones for you, based on sheets and cost. Let’s get started!

Top 13 Best Sublimation Paper For Epson & Sawgrass

1. Koala Sublimation Heat – Best Sublimation Transfer Paper

 Koala Sublimation Heat - Best Sublimation Transfer Paper

Koala Paper’s 2.1 pounds heat transfer paper is an excellent choice for printing onto light cotton fabric material. This paper is a poly-coated, instant dry transfer paper with a high transfer rate.

Get smooth printing with Koala best sublimation transfer paper. This paper is coated on both sides and delivers instant dry color performance. The paper measures 8.5×11 inches with a sheet count of 100. It can be applied for light material with a 30% or less cotton content.

Koala paper is an environmentally friendly heat transfer paper that is quick and easy to use for making custom T-shirts, bags, and any other light-colored garment. This 8.5 X 11 inches Koala print paper can be used for various heat transfer processes. The Koala paper finish is waterproof and extremely 80 Lumen Brightness Rating.

  • Brilliant color performance and high transfer rate
  • Poly coated, instant dry transfer paper
  • Coated papers have a white side
  • Excelent quality
  • Work with heat press machine only

2. Printers Jack– Best For Cotton T-Shirts

Printers Jack– Best For Cotton T-Shirts

Printers Jack Sublimation Paper will work on all Epson Sawgrass Inkjet printers with the best sublimation inks. The 8.5-x-11-inch Sheet Size paper is coated by Printer’s Jack and guaranteed to meet the quality standards. It’s perfect for printing your image on t-shirts, mugs, light fabrics, and much more. 

This package contains 100 sheets of sublimation paper. The ‎1.68 pounds paper is made specifically for use with a heat press to help ensure the best possible outcome. Perfect for light-colored fabrics and 100% polyester textiles, with 30% cotton content or less!

 It does NOT work on light cotton t-shirts or dark-colored fabrics. They are committed to giving you a great product at an affordable price.

Furthermore, this best sublimation paper for cotton t-shirts is designed to achieve high image quality and sharp detail with every print. Formulated to take advantage of the latest technological advances in ink and paper, this high-gloss paper ensures quick details, vivid color, and crisp contrast.

  • Perfect for light-colored fabrics
  • 30% cotton content or less
  • Results are photo quality and bright colors
  • No diverse sizes

Why do I like this printer Paper?

This Printer Jack sublimation paper is coated with a unique link to transfer your image to your final product. The results are photo quality, great detail, and bright colors.

3. A-SUB Sublimation – Best Paper for dark shirts

A-SUB Sublimation - Best Paper for dark shirts

A-SUB ‎2 pounds Sublimation Paper is perfect for printing your photos and artwork onto items like ceramic tiles, phone cases, and more! It transfers beautifully up to 98% onto the surface of your choice. 8.5×11 Inch 110 Sheets for Any Inkjet Printer which Match Sublimation Ink 125g.

Turn your living room into an art studio with A-SUB Sublimation Paper with ≥98% Transfer rate. This pack of 110 sheets is specifically designed for use with high-quality polyester, a material with a cotton content of ≤30%, premium ceramic or tile, and phone cases. The best sublimation paper for dark shirts dries fast so you can move on to the next masterpiece.

Brightness is rated at 80 lumens and Backed by a one-year warranty. Moreover, it has 110 sheets/pack, bright white and thick paper (110g), nice texture surface, making it a perfect choice of scrapbooking paper. Great texture surface–smooth, soft & glossy makes the photo not dull but vivid and natural.

  • No cracking, no fading, no ink skipping,
  • Enough brightness and contrast
  • Thick Paper & Dries quickly
  • Bit Costly

4. S-RACE – Best Sublimation Paper For Cotton

S-RACE - Best Sublimation Paper For Cotton

This 1.6 Pounds paper is a good choice when you want to print high-resolution and vibrant colors. The paper compatible with Sawgrass, Epson, and Ricoh features an advanced sublimation coating, which is suitable for all inkjet printers that use sublimation inks, e.g. compatible with Epson, Sawgrass, Ricoh, etc.

This best sublimation paper for cotton with (100 Sheets) excellent HD photo quality provides a clear colored image with a fast transfer rate and is absolutely smear-proof.  It’s easily cut down to size with a regular pair of scissors.

Get the most out of your inkjet printer with this specially coated paper. Truly exceptional photo quality on all inkjet & Epson sublimation printers ensures your images appear more vibrant, while greater ink savings mean less cost.

S-RACE 8.5-x-11-inch Inches Sublimation is e-friendly – designed with the environment, your health, and comfort in mind. We use green packaging for all goods and aim for the least environmental impact.

Why do I like this printer Paper?

S-RACE Ultra-Premium paper is a specially coated and heat-resistant sublimation transfer paper. Compared to conventional papers, the S-RACE paper provides higher color intensity and a much faster drying time after transfer.

  • Fast Drying, Vibrant Colors, Smear-Proof
  • Much faster drying time after transfer
  • Specially coated and heat-resistant sublimation transfer paper
  • Fair value as cheap

5. Hemudu Tale – Best Sublimation Paper For T-Shirts

Hemudu Tale Sublimation Paper 8.5X11

This 8.5X11’’ sublimation paper is compatible with Inkjet Printer and uses Sublimation ink to print. This pack of Hemudu Tale Sublimation Paper includes 110 sheets, 126gsm, coated on each side. It’s easy to use. We provide manual and video Instructions. And we service 7×24 hours if you have any problems using this paper.

Hemudu Tale is a leading trade company of China printing items. Hemudu Tale Paper is a new kind of inkjet paper for the best sublimation printers; it’s a top-quality product with a competitive price. Hemudu Tale best sublimation paper for t-shirts Coated uses new cutting-edge technology which guarantees high quality to maximize your profits!

 This paper is ideal for use with Inkjet printers and sublimation ink. A variety of items can be printed on this 80 Lumen Brightness Rating paper, including cups, mugs, plates, and phone cases. The paper is coated to ensure vibrant colors and crisp images when printed, meaning that you receive a high-quality product every time.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Much faster drying time after transfer
  • Integrated all the advanced technology solution techniques
  • Not recommended for all printing inks

6. Jack 100 Sheets – Printers Jack Sublimation Paper

Jack 100 Sheets– printers jack sublimation paper

100 sheets of 8.3″ x 11.7″ 105 gsm for Any Epson Sawgrass Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink for T-shirt, Mugs DIY. Moreover, it is the perfect performance with any high-grade inkjet printer including Epson, Ricoh, and Sawgrass. 98-percent transfer rate, no fracturing, and no fading are just a few of the details that mark it as a cut above the rest

Use sublimation ink to print on this high-quality transfer paper. Cheap price unconditionally offers excellent quality. Special offer by printers jack sublimation paper in wholesale price fast delivery guaranteed the arrival of goods to store within 7-15 days.

 It comes in 8 standard sizes that include A4, A5, A6, B5, and several more; plus it is compatible with most Canon, HP, and Epson printers. Save you tons of time by reducing ink consumption and transferring your designed computer files directly onto your t-shirts via these dye-sublimation papers.

  • 8.3″ x 11.7″ 105 gsm for A4 Inkjet Printer
  • No fracturing and good adhesion, durable design
  • Perfect performance with any high-grade inkjet printer
  • Get jammed over consistent printing

7. Koala 150 sheets A4 – Best Sublimation Paper

Koala 150 sheets Sublimation Paper A4 for Heat Transfer

The Koala 150 sheets Sublimation Paper A4 for Heat Transfer DIY gift compatible with Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink make it easy to print at home. It’s 100% brand new and high-quality paper! It is ideal for light color materials with a cotton content of 30% and below, such as phone cases, coffee cups, pillowcases, mugs, shirts, mugs, and mouse pads.

This Koala ‎2.09 pounds best sublimation paper A4 is wonderful for special gifts. It possesses high sublimation ink compatibility, is instant dry, easy to use, and large quantity that meets your business needs.

 It has advanced thermal protection with an 80 Lumen Brightness Rating. And sun-drying function speeds up the ink-transfer process, and it has a high sublimation transfer rate. Designing your own products has never been this easy and fun! Print your own photo onto a variety of different gifts; decorate the gifts for your family, friends, and more.

  • Ideal for light color materials
  • High sublimation ink compatibility
  • Drying function to speed up
  • Only compatible with Inkjet printers

8.  A-SUB 3.5×9 Inch Sublimation Paper

A-SUB 3.5x9 Inch Sublimation Paper

A-SUB 3.5×9 inches sublimation paper is compatible with such inks that use in inkjet printers. Moreover, it has a high transfer rate with a budget-friendly package. The most important feature of this sublimation paper is that it keeps the paper from the dirt from the heat press panel. Plus, this paper is specifically designed for 11 oz mugs.

A-SUB best sublimation paper is perfect for use in high volume production and creating your custom one of a kind gifts. This lovely and cost-effective A-SUB 3.5×9 Inch Sublimation Paper is specially designed for DIY unique Christmas gifts, 11oz mugs, cups, tumblers, etc. It is sure to delight your customers!

A-SUB economic series paper, is extremely cost-effective and good printing results. This 9.1 ounces sublimation paper guarantees a beautiful finish and fine details. Great result with an excellent price! 100 high-quality sheets are included, giving you plenty of time to complete your project without having to refill ink cartridges.

  • High transfer rate
  • An extra silicone paper included
  • High volume production
  • Jam very easily

9. DyeMaster 8.5 x 11″ – Dyemaster Sublimation Paper

DyeMaster 8.5 x 11" Sublimation Paper


DyeMaster 1.8 Pounds is a brand known for papers coated with a special coating that allows the ink to penetrate deeper into the paper, resulting in much better quality prints. The DyeMaster Sublimation Paper is no exception. It is made from 100% cotton fibers to give your photos the best quality possible.

DyeMaster sublimation paper offers great value and quality. The color-matched coating ensures a smooth, consistent coloring surface. Moreover, it is designed for use in all dye-sublimation printers. The pack comes with 110 sheets of 8-1/2 x 11″ paper, resulting in a total of 910 square feet of printable surface area.

Moreover, the best paper for sublimation printing is manufactured in the USA, made with high-quality ingredients and vibrant colors. Using only the highest quality printers ensures vibrant colors and crisp lines when printing on dye sub-media.

  • Using only the highest quality printers
  • Guaranteed to last longer than ordinary paper
  • Using only the highest quality printers
  • Not easy to differentiate between front & back

Why do I like this printer Paper?

No need to worry about quality when using DyeMaster papers; we guarantee it! This 8-1/2×11″ unlined paper is perfect for printing photos in color or black and white to create instant keepsakes or mementos of your favorite team or celebration.

10.  Sublimation Paper A4 Size 8.5×11 Inches

Sublimation Paper A4 Size 8.5x11 Inches

Sublimation paper is 8.5×11 inches and comes in a pack of 100 sheets, or to put it another way, the package contains 10 reams of paper. It measures 120 GSM and is strong enough to transfer with any inkjet printer, due to its high sublimation transfer rate of 98%.

This high-quality transfer paper has a cotton content of less than 30% and is perfect for use on ceramic and metal items in addition to fabrics. So you can easily take them along with you to your next workshop or event. Great for personalizing things like t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, or photo frames.

The 1.48 pounds best sublimation paper right now! Compatible with any inkjet printer with sublimation ink, made of high-quality material. Inkjet printer pieces need to dry 24 hours before heat transfer printing on the t-shirts.

  • Manufactured from high quality polyester stock paper
  • Perfect for phone cases, ceramic items, tiles, clocks
  • High sublimation transfer rate of 98%
  • Frustrating but good paper

Why do I like this printer Paper?

It is suitable to print single color or multicolor on clothes, ceramic plates, glasses, phone cases & metal surfaces according to your need. The fabric used in this product is imported from Japan and made with advanced technology.

11.  MECOLOUR Sublimation Paper 110 Sheets

MECOLOUR Sublimation Paper 110 Sheets Heat Transfer

MECOLOUR Sublimation Paper 110 Sheets are compatible with any inkjet printer with sublimation ink. They are best used with a heat press machine. These sheets have a single surface print, and the side for print is white.

To understand the MECOLOUR logo on the back is easy to distinguish the printable side. The transferred image is durable and will not peel off, crack or fade. The fast setup process, great durability and vibrancy, and excellent image quality.

 This smooth 110-sheet pack features 8.5×11 inch sheets that are single-sided, making it easy to identify the print side. The glossy surface produces a fun, vibrant print on darker shirt fabrics as well. The 1.54 pounds of paper quickly dries and will not warp, allowing for easy transfers to t-shirts, mugs, light fabrics, and more.

  • Coated to prevent ink from bleeding
  • Fast setup process, and excellent image quality
  • Water-based pressure sensitive adhesive on the back
  • Do not get the purple pack

12. Tonha 120 Sheets – Best sublimation Paper For Cotton T-Shirts

Tonha 120 Sheets– best sublimation paper for cotton t-shirts

Tonha 120 sheets Heat Transfer Sublimation Inkjet Paper for Printer with Sublimation Ink for T-shirts and Mugs. Tohha over 98% ultra-high transfer rate and instant dry with smooth feeling, no fade, no crack. The package includes 8.5 x 11 inches 100 pieces in total.

The Tonha sublimation paper thicker 125gsm heat transfer and gives you the best quality, Maintains smooth printing without bending or jamming. This best sublimation paper for cotton t-shirts is designed for printing on T-shirts, mugs, light fabric, with high sensitivity and instant drying. You can simply put the sublimation papers into a thermal transfer printer to print your artwork.

A thicker heat transfer paper with a higher gsm weight means more ink coverage and vibrancy in color.  It can also be used for dyeing silk material or transferring photo images onto ceramic tiles. Every order over $25 ships free! Thus, it is perfect for sublimation printing on light-colored fabrics.

  • No fade, no crack, smooth feeling
  • Best for thermal transfer printer
  • Print silk material or transfer photo image easily
  • Quality not great if compared with others

13.  HAYES PAPER Co. Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

HAYES PAPER Co. Sublimation Heat Transfer

For quality art projects at home and in the classroom, choose the Hayes Paper Co. Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper, Dye Sublimation Ink, and multifunctional for sublimation blanks. This sublimation paper is made with a smooth finish to prevent ink concentration and make image transfer easy.

Built with 1.7 pounds and sized 8.5×11 Inches (21.59 x 27.94 cm), it’s easy to print on sublimation paper yourself, or use with a commercial printer. This best sublimation paper for mugs is multifunctional for sublimation blanks like Epson wf-7710, ideal for your work, and has good quality.

This glossy 8.5×11″ paper has a 110-sheet stack that is lightweight to reduce shipping costs and keep your costs low. This polyester coating best sublimation paper provides an image quality rivaling that of traditional ceramic transfer methods but with a much faster turnaround time.

How to use Hayes Sublimation paper
  • Vibrant images that are sure to last
  • Superb color saturation, light-resistant, and dye-proof
  • Highest-quality results from your dye-sublimation printer
  • Heatpress do not use an iron


Factors to Consider before Buying a Sublimation Paper – Buying guide

Period of Drying and Degree of Wrapping

An additional feature to consider in a good sublimation paper is the drying time. On the sublimation paper, there is also some sublimation ink that takes a long time to dry. It’s best to use a sublimation paper that dries quickly so you can complete multiple printing tasks.

Sublimation paper is a type of coated paper that needs to be coated on a regular basis to keep the warp at bay. The paper may dry at varying speeds if there are discrepancies in the coating. This has an influence on the entire sublimation process. Make sure the sublimation paper has the greatest warping and coating uniformity.

Thickness & Lifespan

The sublimation paper’s thickness is crucial. Thinner sublimation papers bend and curl more easily, causing your process to suffer. A thicker sublimation paper, on either hand, can resist more tension and does not fold and fade as easily.

How will you feel when you discover that your prints disappear after only a few days? I am certain it will not be a pleasurable time for you. As a result, research is needed to determine which sublimation paper can stay longer without fading. Avoid using sublimation papers if you see that they are making your design black and ugly.

Color Consistency

If you want to be successful in the business, the color quality of the sublimation paper is crucial. The majority of individuals want to be around bright and colorful stuff. When it comes to handling colors, certain sublimation papers are better than others. You won’t be satisfied if you’re wearing clothes that are dull and prone to fading.

This is important to remember while making a purchase. You don’t want to walk about with items that have dull, faded colours, so sublimation papers must bring out bright, lifelike colors.

Spots on Paper Surfaces (Number)

When picking the best sublimation paper, the number of spots on the material surface is an important factor to consider. During the manufacturing process, spots are to be expected, and they can degrade image quality once printed.

Furthermore, while simply transferring one color, the location can have an effect on the transfer results. As a result, choosing a transfer paper with such a low number of spots just on the surface is recommended.

Compatibility and Rate of Transfer

Will you be willing to spend money on sublimation paper that isn’t compatible with your printer? Yes, you could have the nicest and highest-quality sublimation paper in the world, but it will be useless if your printer isn’t suitable for it. To minimize annoyance, double-check the printers that are appropriate and compatible with the sublimation paper selection.

The sublimation paper’s transfer rate is likewise acceptable. To achieve effective printing, a decent sublimation paper should have a transfer rate of around 95%. High-quality, high-resolution prints are the result of a better transfer rate.

Frequently asked question

How do I change Epson printer settings?

Let open the print dialog box, and select settings. Select basic setting lab from the drop-down list. Then select the advance button and here you can change predefined settings.

What temperature do I use for sublimation?

The most common type of sublimation uses 350 degrees F. it can vary from 350 to 20 degrees normally.

Can you use regular paper in a sublimation printer?

You cannot use any regular paper in a sublimation printer for sublimation ink printing.

How much does an 8.5 x11 paperweight?

The 8.5 x 11 size page has 5 pounds of weight.

Some final words for choosing sublimation Paper

Best sublimation paper is the heart of any sublimation process. It allows colors to be transferred on it making the design more attractive. If you’re a beginner looking to get into this business, first consider buying yourself some good papers. This way you’ll feel more confident working with sublimation.

Whether you’re looking for papers for day-to-day projects or those for bigger-sized ones, the DyeMaster 8.5 x 11″ Sublimation Paper (110 sheets/pack) will do an excellent job. The 110 sublimation papers lay flat with no curling due to their heavyweight and non-yellowing time. These papers are also smooth, coated, and glossy.

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