Best Design Softwares For Sublimation Printing 2022

The first and foremost step for converting your creative ideas into unique and spectacular designs is finding the best sublimation design to transform your creative ideas into unique designs, the first thing you need to do is find the best sublimation designing software. But hardly anyone knows about these graphic software that can be downloaded for sublimation designing.

The designing software is easy to use and accessible to every creator.

Sublimation designing: requires accuracy and precision as these are transferred to many surfaces. For this reason, the best design software for sublimation printers with high quality is necessary.

After trying different sublimation designing software we have put forward the 10 Best Design Softwares For Sublimation Printing in this article.  

Top 10 Best Sublimation Designing Software

These sublimation apps allow you to customize your poster, images, icons, logo, and many more things. For further ease, we also have mentioned features you need to know before starting your sublimation work. Wait no more and Let’s start reading: 

1. Adobe Photoshop: 

This software is very common among editors as it is an excellent graphic designing and sublimation printing app. This software features various design tools for editing images and customizing photos. Photoshop uses pixel-based graphics for providing high resolution on the edited image.

This software also allows 3D extrusion along with interface designing and many more. It is top-notch editing software that will be a productive hand for your sublimation graphic designs.

2. Adobe Illustrator:

The other well-known software from Adobe is Adobe illustrator. This software works with vector graphics for editing and creating other sublimation designs. The designed vector graphic is ideal for creating flawlessly sharp images. It assists in the creation of icons and logos.

Illustrator allows you to easily adjust the size of the images. Also, it works with Windows and macOS operating systems. You can make sublimation templates without any difficulty. It is also functional with Inkscape, which exports designs in Adobe Illustrator’s original SVG format.

3. Adobe Design:

 Adobe also allows you to write texts and letters for sublimation printing. The inbuilt typesetting feature supports typing on brochures, eBooks, booklets, and other sublimation designs and images.

It comes in several editions and is designed with several text settings. It also allows creating various designs in different languages.  By working along with Illustrator and Photoshop, it gives beautiful designs and sublimation prints.

Adobe Design Softwares For Sublimation
Adobe Design Softwares For Sublimation

4. GIMP:

GimpDesign Softwares For Sublimation
GimpDesign Softwares For Sublimation

GIMP editing software works with open-source editing software and is created for designing photos. This software will provide the best free designs for sublimation printing. It works with macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems. It comes with many editing tools for layer editing, color contrast fixing, image editing, and more. 

Also, it works well in conjunction with free applications like Scribus, Inkscape, and Swatch Booker. You can edit different languages as it is programmed with C++, C, Perl, Python, Scheme, etc. Also, this Design Software For Sublimation Printing allows you to export and accept files as PDF or JPEG. Which are helpful for your sublimation graphic design.


Pixlr is another free editing software for sublimation that allows online photo editing without installing the software. This software is widely used by many creators and is ideal for designing your sublimation prints. This editor is compatible with designing any format of images such as JPEG, Photoshop (PSD), or PNG. This editing application provides various editing tools for enhancing your designs. 

PIXLR Design Softwares For Sublimation
PIXLR Design Softwares For Sublimation

This app is easy to use for producing content and designs for your sublimation. What’s more, Pixlr stocks content for every designer to give them new ideas for their artwork and sublimation templates.

6. Inkscape:

 Inkscape is wonderful editing software that comes with numerous customizable plug-ins. This excellent software comes with an easily accessible interface and is an easy sublimation software for free download. Also, it offers great editing tools for creating different designs for sublimation printing. This open-source editing software so that you enhance your designing skills.

INKSCAPE Best Software For Sublimation

7. Corel Draw:

This graphic designing software is easy to use and has a large content library that is accessible to every user. It is designed with a vector graphic platform making it id6534eal for sublimation printing. You can easily get new templates, photo backgrounds, and frames for your sublimation designs. The user interface is easy to customize making your editing convenient. With great graphics tools present, you can design logos, posters, and wall art. Moreover, you can export and import files in multiple formats, be it AutoCAD or PowerPoint.

8. Sketch:

The sketch is exceptional graphic designing software that is programmed with a vector graphic platform. This software allows responsive and creative templates with various customizable plugins. Also, you can design The sketch is exceptional graphic designing software that is programmed with a vector graphic platform. This software allows responsive and creative templates with various customizable plugins. Also, you can design your ideas on mobile or on the web as well. The very interesting thing featured by this software is the auto-saving of your work to avoid any loss. Also, you can share your created designs, icons, and logos for sublimation printing through cloud share. Learn more about Sublimation Vs Screen Printing .

9. Affinity Designer:

For professional sublimation printing, this software provides a number of editing options. This app works with vector and pixel software allowing you to easily design posters, icons, different designs, and other various photos. Moreover, similar to Adobe, this photo editing software comes with an option for zooming in for detail editing. It also has large grid options available so you can position your editing images correctly. An easy user interface within an affordable range improves your sublimation designing and printing.

10. Gravite Designer:

This vector-based designing software allows variable designing options. This cross-platform designing app enables you to create a variety of designs, edit images, design logos, and more. Also, it is programmed with numerous designing tools including Bezigon and Lasso. You get access to customize things and import your designs in multiple formats.

The normal version of Gravite designer is free for every user. To get access to more functions you have to subscribe to the paid version. However, the standard version still provides you with every unique tool for your sublimation printing.

How to choose the best software for sublimation – Buying Guide

The most important aspect of sublimation printing is the design and for that reason choosing the best software is essential. There are various editing applications and designing software’s. However in order to find the best design softwares for sublimation printing you have to go through some features programmed by this software. These features help you in editing your designs easily. Let’s have a glance at a few of them below.

Compatible type:

The best sublimation printing software is important for printing your designs for sublimation. You may find either vector or graphic editing options that allow you to print in high quality.

Easy interface:

The flexibility of use is one of the most crucial and main considerations while selecting sublimation design software. Easy-to-use designing software is the best sublimation printing software. This software always leaves a space for learning. Nevertheless, it is always beneficial to go for the one that offers learning resources and tutorials for improving your design talent.

The expense of software:

You need to choose the software depending on your budget. If you want to get access to brilliant editing tools, paid software might help. However, free software also allows users to edit conveniently with the best of artwork.

Editing features:

It is crucial to look for the features that you are going to use for editing your sublimation designs. The editing tools and extensions are vital for getting perfect logos and icons. Similarly, ICC color profiles are the basic thing to notice before using any software for sublimation printing. This helps you to customize your pictures and get the needed color contrast for your design.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I use canva for sublimation?

Yes, it is possible to use the Canva graphic platform for creating sublimation printing.

Which is the easiest software for sublimation?

Adobe photoshop undeniably offers simple features and is the easiest software for sublimation printing.

What is the best free software for sublimation printing?

GIMP and Inkscape both offer numerous tools and extensions for sublimation printing and are considered the best free software for sublimation.


To summarize, we brought you top-notch editing software that is often used by professionals and is easy to use for new creators as well. You can easily sublimate these apps within your budget. Sublimation design is a good innovative technique that requires current and effective software support.

These Best Design Softwares For Sublimation Printing mentioned above will aid you to improve your sublimation designs and bring enhancement to your ideas. Also, they assist in getting clear and sharp high-resolution sublimation prints.